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We are a New York-based law practicing firm, led by Jasper Thompson established in 1994. Our legal team is specialized in a variety of services and has the expertise to meet and surpass your expectations by providing personalized and quality support anywhere in the State. We have provided legal guidance and support to people from many walks of life.

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Corporate Matters

We have a decade of experience in commercial affairs. Our expert lawyers provide effective legal counsel to businesses and commercial enterprises in New York. We streamline processes and ensure long-term success for clients seeking assistance with commercial matters at all phases of business development.

Wills & Trusts

Creating a Will and securing your family's future in case of your death is an often-overlooked legal service. Our professional team assists with Wills and Trusts to ensure that your children, spouse, family members, and friends are cared for effectively. Creating a trust or making a Will guarantees that your affairs are in order and that Inheritance Tax is appropriately arranged for.

Clinical Medical Negligence

We specialize in medical & clinical negligence lawsuits and can assist you in obtaining your due compensation. This happens when a physician or nursing professional provides substandard treatment to a patient. We make sure that you get full compensation if anything like this happens.

Residential Conveyancing

Every individual at some point has to deal with property. We are here to alleviate the process's tension and pressure. Our knowledgeable team is an expert in residential real estate. Whether you are purchasing a house or an investment property, our legal team can assist you with a variety of residential conveyancing services.